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YA-007FG  HF Mobile Antenna       
YA-30  Broadband T2FD Dipole Base Station Antenna       

HF Antenna Tuners  
FC-30  Automatic Antenna Tuner (For coaxial lines)       
FC-40  The FC-40 is a new, wide-range Antenna Coupler for the FT-450, FT-857, and FT-897 Series of Transceivers.

The FC-40 is a microprocessor-controlled antenna impedance matching network designed for use with all versions (original and “D”) of the FT-450, FT-857, and FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF Transceivers. The FC-40 makes use of control circuitry inside the transceiver, allowing the operator to monitor and control operation of the FC-40, which mounts near the antenna feedpoint. Fully waterproof, the FC-40 may be mounted outdoors in exposed locations, and will handle a 100 Watts of transmitter power.

The FC-40 is designed for operation on 7 ~ 54 MHz, when using an 8’ whip like the YAESU YA-007, or on 1.8 ~ 54 MHz when used with a random-length wire longer than 66’. Matching time is typically five seconds or less, and the required drive power is 4 - 60 Watts. The FC-40 sports a whopping 200 match-setting-point memories, for instant recall of the tuning settings.
MD-200A8X  Desktop Microphone       
MH-31A8J  Hand Microphone       

Mounting Brackets
MHG-1 Carrying Handle 
MMB-89 One-Touch Mobile Bracket       

Power Supply  
FP-1030A  30A Power Supply 110V       

Programming and Installation 
CT-62  CT-62PC programming cable       
ALE-1  Automatic Link Establishment Unit
MLS-100  External Speaker (12 Watt Peak)       
MLS-200  12 W peak external weatherproof speaker.       

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Houston Communications is a authorized Vertex Standard two way radio dealer based in Sugarland, Texas. We have access to the complete line of Vertex portable radios, mobile radios and repeaters.

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