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  Vertex Standard VX-130 Radio Series

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BRS – Business Radio Service

Heavy Duty Business Radio Service portables. 

Available in single channel or two channel versions, these small portables are built to last.

Channel frequency assignment is easy by selecting from the pre-programmed frequency table.

The VX-130 series is available in UHF or VHF with full compliments of CTCSS and DCS squelch systems.

Built to withstand rigorous Mil-Std 810 testing, these radios come standard with a two-year warranty!


Rugged and Durable, with Superb Ergonomics
Built to exceed the exacting ruggedness specifications of the U.S. military, the VX-131/132 are constructed using a die-cast aluminum chassis, along with an impact-resistant composite plastic case to ensure years of reliable operation. Knobs and switches are crafted for easy access, yet immunity from accidental bumping of critical controls.
Optional FBA-25A Alkaline Battery pack
Perfect for storage in an Emergency Kit. The FBA-25A Alkaline Battery Pack gives you instant power and assurance !
Compact Size and Light Weight
The high performance of the VX-131/132 is packed into a compact (2.3" x 4.7" x 1.2" WHD) case, yielding a package that is small enough to be unobtrusive yet large enough to provide a large speaker and easy access to controls and switches. And the light weight (less than 0.18 lb) of the VX-131/132 ensures that this radio won’t weigh the user down!
Loud, Clear Receiver Audio
Providing up to a half Watt of crisp, clear audio from its receiver section, the VX-131/132 is ideal for use in real-world working environments. The careful design and large speaker ensure very low distortion of received audio, for great user satisfaction.
157 Programmable Private Codes per Channel
Continuous Tone Controlled Squelch System (CTCSS) and Digital Code Squelch (DCS) for Silent Monitoring in crowded RF environments.
ARTS™ (Auto Range Transponding System)
Included in the VX-131/132 is Vertex Standard’s exclusive ARTS™ feature, which can be critically important in search-and-rescue applications. ARTS™ provides a "hand-shake" with other ARTS™- equipped transceivers, and the display indicates if an "Out of Range" condition exists. The base station can then alert the field unit to move to a better location.
Battery Saver Circuit for Extended Operation
The VX-131 and VX-132 provide an innovative battery saver feature that requires no user action to activate, yet it yields a significant extension of operating time. The battery saver, after a short period of not receiving signals, will periodically shut itself down for short time intervals, while "polling" itself rapidly so as not to miss incoming calls. The result is greatly reduced battery drain, for more hours of operating between battery charges.
2 Watts Power Output
Ideal for local-area communications, the 2-Watt power of the VX-131/132 ensures long battery life, while providing outstanding communications range. Combined with Vertex’s legendary audio quality, the robust power output will get your message through!
One and Two Channel Versions Available
Choose the ultimate simplicity of the single-channel VX-131, or the added flexibility of the two-channel VX-132, to meet your custom communication needs.

The Vertex Standard VX-131/132 Series are available in the following VHF and UHF packages:

2W 1CH BRS VHF portable w/NC-77B and FNB-64
2W 1CH BRS UHF portable w/NC-77B and FNB-64
2W 2CH BRS UHF portable w/NC-77B and FNB-64 


Click here to view the Vertex Standard VX-131/132 Series Brochure
Click here to view the Vertex Standard VX-130 Series Frequency Tables

Vertex Standard VX-130

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Houston Communications is a authorized Vertex Standard two way radio dealer based in Sugarland, Texas. We have access to the complete line of Vertex portable radios, mobile radios and repeaters.

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Vertex Standard Three Year Warranty


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