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Reliability, ruggedness, and versatility: these are the essential elements in a successful communications system. Vertex Standard VX-4000 provides the features, performance, and toughness to get your message through under the most demanding public safety operating conditions. It’s a perfect blend of rugged design, flexible signaling options, superb ergonomics, and expandability, making the VX-4000 series an outstanding choice for your future communications needs.

  • 250 Channel Capacity
  • Power Output: 70 W (Low Band),
  • 50 W (VHF), 40 W (UHF)
  • Mil- Std 810 C/D/E
  • 12.5 / 25 kHz Bandwidth
  • Programmable Per Channel
  • 2.5 kHz Step For VHF/UHF
  • Large 8-Digit Alphanumeric Display
  • 7 Programmable Backlit Keys
  • Priority Scan
  • Group Scan
  • Voting (RX Signal Strength) Scan
  • Dual Band Capability
  • One RF Deck To Multi Head
  • Capabilities
  • DTMF Signaling & Dialing Features
  • User Selectable Tones / Codes
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode + Decode
  • Emergency Functions
  • Encryption/Rolling Code Encryption
  • Radio To Radio Clone Feature
  • Talk Around
  • BCLO, BTLO, and TOT Functions
  • Built In 25 Pin (DB-25) Accessory
  • Connector
  • Heavy-Duty Public Safety
  • Microphone Available


Multi Configuration System One RF Deck to Multiple Head Capabilities
A single VX-4000 RF Deck may be controlled by two different Control Heads, allowing control of the radio from more than one location. Depending on the installation requirements, both Control Heads may be connected directly to the RF Deck, or the two Control Heads may be connected in a series "Daisy Chain" configuration.

250 Channel Capacity
Huge 250-channel capacity may be partitioned into as many as 20 Memory Groups, with no limit on the number of channels in each Group. A single radio may therefore be programmed with channel sets for a number of different jurisdictions or organizations.

Priority Scan
The VX-4000’s versatile scanning system includes a Priority Scan function, which provides scanning of all channels (or channels within a Memory Group) while maintaining a priority watch on a particularly important channel. Scanning will halt immediately, and operation will revert to the Priority Channel if activity is detected on the Priority Channel.

Group Scan
To provide more efficient scanning, the VX-4000 provides capability for scanning only within a particular Memory Group.
The channels you need to scan therefore will be checked more times per minute, ensuring that important calls are not missed.

Voting (Received Signal Strength) Scan
In areas of heavy channel loading, or in areas where interference from distant systems is often received, the VX-4000 may be set up to respond only to signals exceeding a prescribed signal level.

DTMF Signaling & Dialing Features
When used with the optional MH-53B7A DTMF Microphone, the VX-4000 may be configured for both manual and Speed Dial DTMF calling. All versions provide programmable PTT ANI for business or fleet applications.

Dual Band Capability
Two VX-4000 Control Heads and RF Decks, on different bands, may be _networked_ to allow multi-band operation.
VHF, UHF, or VHF Low Band radios may be combined to meet complicated communications requirements involving federal, state, and local government and/or forestry operations.

CTCSS / DCS Encode + Decode
Field programming of the CTCSS tones or DCS codes is available, allowing access to multiple systems or quick configuration for multi-jurisdictional operations.

User Selectable Tones / Codes
High-performance Encoder/Decoder circuits for both CTCSS and Digital Code Squelch are provided for access to tone/code controlled systems.

Built In 25 PIN (DB-25) Accessory Connector
The VX-4000 includes a built-in standard DB-25 connector, for ease of integration of the radio into your communications system.
The DB-25 connector includes a number of logic status lines, Squelch state and level indicators, and Data I/O connections. Horn Alert and other accessories also can be connected through the DB-25 connector.

Internal Accessory Interfacing
The VX-4000 Series is easily interfaced to 3rd-party accessories. The optional CN-6 Interface Unit provides a quick interconnection platform for signaling, control, and other accessory boards used in public safety environments.


Wide-Band Coverage
Coverage beyond typical frequency limits allows programming in "guard band" channel allocations, and ensures compatibility for programming in a wide variety of locations.

Power Output: 70 W (Low Band), 50 W (VHF), 40 W (UHF)
Providing a solid 50 Watts of VHF power output (Low Band: 70 Watts; UHF: 40 Watts), the VX-4000’s construction includes a massive, die-cast outer case which doubles as the heatsink. And the Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit ensures stable power output over a very wide range of ambient temperatures.

12.5/25 kHz Bandwidth Programmable Per Channel
The VX-4000 may be programmed with Wide or Narrow operating bandwidths, channel by channel, to conform to your local channel environment. Ideal for multi-jurisdiction operations.

2.5 kHz Step for VHF/UHF
Ensuring full compatibility with all channel loading requirements, the VX-4000’s synthesizer provides 2.5 kHz resolution. Channel programming therefore is straightforward in all configuration situations.


Large 8-Digit Alphanumeric Display
Providing indication of either the channel number or an Alphanumeric Channel Label of up to 8 characters, the LCD display utilizes large, bold characters on its high-intensity backlit amber LED display to provide excellent visibility over a wide range of viewing angles and in difficult lighting situations.

7 Programmable Backlit Keys
The front panel keys may be programmed by the dealer for a variety of operating functions, allowing customization of the front panel functions to your unique requirements. The keys are illuminated from behind, as well, for easy viewing at night.

Radio to Radio Clone Feature
For quick programming of VX-4000 radios for an emergency task force, the Clone feature allows copying of all channel and other configuration data from one VX-4000 to another, using the optional CT-72 Cloning Cable.

Status Quick-Check (SQC) Feature
The VX-4000 can be programmed to include the Status Quick Check (SQC) feature, which allows the user to check the configuration of all controls, keys, and knobs on the radio. This enables the operator to avoid missing important communications in the event that a control or switch is set to the wrong position.

Loud 5W/10W Audio Output
The VX-4000’s high-powered audio (5 Watts standard, 10 Watts optional) is coupled to a large, front-facing speaker, producing high-quality, crisp audio that will punch through even in the noisy environments experienced by public safety officers.


Emergency Functions
The VX-4000 may be programmed to transmit an Emergency DTMF ANI burst, with or without a live microphone engaged, to alert the dispatcher to an emergency situation requiring assistance to the user.

The FVP-25 Encryption Unit or FVP-35 Rolling code encryption Unit provides security for your important public safety and private security communications, and it also includes a DTMF Paging function for selective calling.

Internal Emergency Microphone (Patent Pending)
In an emergency situation, the VX-4000 can transmit using an internal microphone should the regular microphone become damaged or otherwise unusable.


Die-Cast Construction Aluminum Chassis/Enclosure
The one-piece die-cast enclosure for the VX-4000 doubles as its chassis, yielding extreme strength for resistance against shock and vibration. This uniquely rugged construction ensures that specifications and functionality will be maintained for many years, despite the shock, vibration, and other abuse typically experienced by radios in public safety use.

High-Reliability Construction
The ABS front panel is sealed by a robust O-ring, and all switches are covered by U-shaped silicone rubber gaskets to protect the internal circuitry from dust, humidity, salt fog, and driving rain.

Water-Shield Microphone Connection
The multi-pin microphone connector on the side of the VX-4000, sealed for protection against weather, provides a convenient connection point for the available microphones. Its gold-plated contacts ensure many years of reliable service.

The Vertex Standard VX-4000 Series are available in the following VHF and UHF packages:

VX-4000LA PKG-1 MH-25B7A 
VX-4000 Series Mobile 70W 29.7-37MHz 250CH w/MH-25B7A
VX-4000VC PKG-1 MH-25B7A
VX-4000 Series Mobile 50W 148-174MHz 250CH w/MH-25B7A 

Click here to view the Vertex Standard VX-4000 Series Brochure
Click here to view the Vertex Standard VX-4000 Owners Manual


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